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CRS Customer Helpdesk Software

Improve your Organization's Responsiveness, Inside and Out

TSH's CRS (Customer Reporting System) is designed to help you better manage customer and internal requests throughout your organization. Originally developed to manage large scale software implementations, CRS evolved into the in-house helpdesk software for TSH. Having seen the system's value first-hand and then fine tuned it in our own demanding environment, TSH is now making this technology available to our customers.

Ideal for every customer service environment, CRS allows you to easily and efficiently manage all customer requests in one central location. All critical information is readily available to all parties involved in the request. Requests may be entered by customer service agents (employees) or the customers themselves (via web access). The request is then transferred to a Customer Service Rep to address the issue. The Rep can update the call as often as necessary to keep the customer in the loop. Customers can also update the request with additional information. Managers and administrators can check the status and look up details of the request at any time to track progress. When the issue is resolved, CRS serves as a solution database for your staff, your customers and the future.

With CRS...
  • Employees, Customer Service Reps or the customers themselves can enter a request into the system website (Customer access is controlled by secure log-in and password)
  • Requests, progress and status can be updated or changed at anytime ensuring everyone is fully aware of the current situation
  • Efficient call management is possible as managers review current requests and assign calls to the best person or department for resolution
  • All call notes and comments are accommodated within the on-line system eliminating any chance of lost paperwork
  • E-mailed updates keep all parties in the loop, increasing customer satisfaction that their request is being addressed and freeing employees to address the request rather than providing telephone updates
  • Each resolution adds to a knowledge base that authorized customers can use to address their own issues directly and your staff can leverage to address current issues
  • Full management reporting tools facilitate better follow-up and allow for more precise performance analysis
  • You can expect greater efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and increased profitability

TSH's CRS can also be integrated into Case programming tools (for IT departments), Timesheets and/or professional services billing software creating greater efficiency throughout your organization.

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