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Document Management System (DMS)

The Paperless Office System

Become a paperless office! Save hours or days of staff time by eliminating physical filing and retrieval.

The MDS Document Management System (DMS) allows you to capture reports from the MDS system and store them on disk (or CD) for inquiry, print, fax, or E-mail - at any time. Think about it! You could throw out your file cabinets and eliminate the voluminous amount of paperwork that distributors deals with each day. Every document—from proof of delivery to invoices to memos—can be scanned, stored and retrieved with DMS.

DMS empowers your businesses to:
  • Archive and retrieve reports captured from your back office software (fully integrated with MDS)
  • Save any pre-printed form produced by MDS, i.e., invoices, checks, statements, etc.
  • Scan, index and file documents such as proof of delivery, vendor invoices, customer checks, etc.
  • Retrieve documents easily and quickly, even while on the telephone with a customer

The strength of DMS is in the retrieval of the data. With a traditional filing system, when a customer questions an invoice, a staff person in the accounting department must go to a file cabinet and find a proof of delivery, the invoice and packing slip. Those documents must then be scanned and faxed to the customer. That process can often take a day or more, since staff are busy with other duties. With DMS, the customer service rep, who is on the phone with the customer, retrieves these documents from the paperless office system, presses a button, and the documents are automatically faxed or e-mailed as an attachment to the customer.

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