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Salesman Laptop Information System

Detailed knowledge of a customer's purchasing and pricing history, accurate product information, and the ability to handle inquiries and place orders are critical for your salespeople to build rapport, gain confidence and increase sales. The Systems House (TSH) provides a complete, integrated, and affordable laptop-based software system designed to give your sales force portable and instant access to the vital customer and product information they need for success.

Mobile MDS Salesman Laptop Information System helps your sales people maximize their effectiveness in front of customers with on-site product, pricing and purchasing information.

Mobile MDS Means Greater Sales Success

Mobile MDS provides access to the critical information required by your sales professionals who work outside of the office. This access allows your sales force to quickly react to customer needs thereby achieving greater sales success.

  • Instant access to product information
    Extensive product information is available to the salesman -while in front of the customer!
  • Instant access to customer information
    Complete customer information including pricing, purchasing history as well as order and shipment information is readily available at the point of customer contact
  • Increased ordering efficiency
    Faster information exchange is achieved by replacing paper-based ordering systems with online quotes (pro-formas) and orders that are directly imported to the main MDS system. Pricing is accurate since customer pricing parameters are updated daily from the MDS server
  • Improved customer service
    Sales people can now provide immediate answers to critical questions on products, pricing, and order status
  • Increased employee effectiveness
    Streamlining repetitive tasks allows the sales force to concentrate on generating additional sales revenue rather than on system processing
  • Minimizes the time your sales force spends on administrative tasks
    Since routine tasks are automated, employee effectiveness is increased leading to greater revenues and improved margins
  • Fully integrated with MDS for fast and accurate data exchange

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