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Records Management System (RMS)

From The Systems House, Inc. is an integrated solution that manages the off-site storage, retention, and retrieval of all types of physical records. RMS is currently in use managing documents as diverse as patient records, X-Rays, fetal monitor tracings, as well as payroll, accounting and human resources corporate records.

Using a web-enabled database approach, RMS manages the entire process – from the receipt of the records, locating the files in storage, responding to retrieval request, and ultimately to document destruction. The system is automated using bar codes and wireless technologies.

The system is multi-facility and multidepartment by design. Extensive security is built into the product to insure that only authorized users gain access to the records that they may view and/or retrieve. Many companies generate large volumes of documents that need to be stored and managed. With RMS, you have the tools to provide this service to your clients. Not only will you reap the benefits of this additional revenue stream, but you will also strengthen your relationship with your clients by providing these services.

RMS Features:
  • Manages multiple locations and
    document types – with differing
    storage and retrieval requirements.
  • Continuously tracks location of each
    document in a single secure database
    so documents cannot get “lost”
  •  Faster retrieval using available on-line
    tools to quickly see what is stored.
  • Record confidentiality is maintained
    by defined user access files with
    password control. Meet HIPAA and SOX
  •  Information requirements can vary
    based upon type of data being stored
    in each container.
  • Uses business process automation
    to co-ordinate the life cycle (and
    destruction) of documents stored.
Key Benefits:
  • Convert dead warehouse space into
    a new revenue stream
  • Differentiate yourself to your customers
    by providing additional services.
  • Create a stronger bond with customers
    by providing an ongoing relationship
    that gives more contact time. (Places
    you in the clients mind daily)
    Provide these benefits to your customers:
  • Improve record storage and
    retrieval processes and workflow
    efficiency: Establish a
    more efficient and effective information
    infrastructure for a money
    saving & competitive advantage.
  • Cost saving: On-line retrieval
    system reduces time wasted
    looking for proper document and
    speeds record retrieval.
  • Reduce lost documentation
    and related liabilities: Reduce
    liability and risk of costly litigation
    with proper records management.

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Container Storage:

 When records are ready to be stored off-site, they are cataloged
using a web-based program, and placed in bar-coded containers for storage. The container is the primary unit of storage, and can be defined to suit your needs. A container may include multiple “folders”. Folders may contain paper records, sleeve(s) of films or electronic media devices/disks. As items are placed in containers, the information is entered to build the “container file” on the RMS system. Pertinent information relating to each folder’s contents is entered, so that it can be later located for retrieval. (Some examples
of information to be recorded: Patient/Client identity, Record type: Paper, Microfilm, Imaging film, etc., Facility, Department, and Group identification).
When the container is “full”, a pickup call is made electronically over the web.


Container Tracking:

The container is tagged with a pre-printed bar-coded label.
RMS tracks the location of the container from pickup to its placement in the
warehouse. The initial scan occurs when the messenger comes to pick up the container. It is scanned once again when brought to the warehouse, and lastly with its location when stored in the warehouse.


Record Retrieval:

Requests to retrieve records are made using a web-based procedure. Each user’s logon is coded to grant them access only to those documents that they have permission to use (by location, department, and record type). A control number is assigned to each request, so their status can be monitored by all
parties. To locate the required document(s), the user is able to search the document database by the data elements entered when the container is stored. This might include employee or patient name (or code), birth dates, range of storage dates, document types etc. The details of the request, (for example; fax a specific document or send the entire container) and the corresponding delivery method (fax, ship, stat, or regular) are entered on the request and transmitted to the warehouse. At the warehouse, a ticket is generated with the request details. This information can be downloaded to a wireless or handheld device for RFID fulfillment, or printed for manual retrieval. The status of the request is recorded at each stage, creating transactional files and a complete audit trail for each item. Upon delivery, a handheld device captures the delivery date, time, location, and signature of the recipient. Subsequently the return of the document is recorded (if
sent), so that the location of all documents are always known.


With RMS, you can review the status and transactional history of a specific record or group of records. This includes ability to see contents of a given container with drill down to view the specifics of the documents in that container.


RMS generates billing for services provided. Monthly billing for storage is based upon the number of containers (or jackets) stored for each client. Transactional services are billed on a per service basis, generated from billing files which may vary by customer and department. Billed services include: pulls and re-files, Pages faxed, stat requests, courier charges and container pickups. Charges for additional services can be billed as desired.
Reports are provided to monitor record retention and advise when
records can be destroyed.

With Records Management System from The Systems House, Inc.,
the entire document storage process is managed electronically with
security, efficiency, and reliability. Our comprehensive system
allows you to capitalize on your empty warehouse space, improve
customer relations by providing multiple services and increase your
contact time with your customers.




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