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RemoteNet B2B E-Commerce:

Your Hassle-Free Web-Based Customer Service and Order Entry System

Give your customers and sales force the ability to place orders, view order and inventory status, see purchasing history, and obtain product information over the Internet with TSH's RemoteNet B2B E-Commerce.

RemoteNet is a complete E-Commerce solution that obtains customer, product and historical data from your current computer system. Your information is securely placed on line in your own customized interface ready for your customer's and salesforce's use.

With RemoteNet You Get:

  • Fast, convenient customer service — customers view and place orders at their convenience
  • A virtual, global sales staff that never sleeps
  • One-way remote access gives you a powerful remote sales tool without the investment in equipment or support staff
  • Safe access to your database, with password encrypted admittance

RemoteNet Can be installed as a Standalone System or Completely Integrated into you MDS system

In Standalone Mode RemoteNet Offers:

  • Ease of Installation — Ease of Use
  • Your site or ours convenience! (TSH will Host your Site for you)
  • Database updates as needed — You control your Data
  • Orders transmitted via EDI, E–mail, fax or batch transmission
  • Open system architecture using ODBC–compliant database

When Completely Integrated to your MDS system:

  • All information is Live and Online
  • Inventory and Pricing are up to date instantly
  • Orders can automatically be converted into Picking Tickets or put on
  • Administrative Hold for Manual Review
  • Open Backorders can be combined into existing orders to save your customer shipping costs and make your warehouse more efficient